Louisville’s Auto Experts for Repairing Alternator Bracket Seal in BMW

Louisville’s Auto Experts for Repairing Alternator Bracket Seal in BMW

As the owner of a vehicle as reliable and powerful as a BMW, ensuring this performance should be your number one priority. With this in mind, keeping all your parts up to date and keeping your vehicle properly maintained should be at the top of your to-do list. There are a number of issues that may arise which can turn into more serious issues down the line if not attended to, so tackling them the minute they appear is your best bet.

To that end, there are certain parts you should focus on fixing right away so that they don’t devolve into more serious problems. Doing so can help you maintain your car’s longevity and ensure that no additional problems develop.

One such issue that should be fixed right away is an alternator bracket seal being broken. To understand why this is an issue that needs to be fixed, we first need to look at what exactly the alternator seal bracket does.

What does the alternator seal bracket do?

The alternator seal bracket is a crucial component of your vehicle that keeps your alternator protected from leaks. As an overview, the alternator is the piece of machinery that allows the electricity to run throughout your car and power many components. With this in mind, you may be thinking that this is the battery’s function but it is the alternator.

Due to this function, the alternator is an extremely important part of your vehicle, and it would be damaged if oil were to leak into it. This is the exact function the alternator bracket seal serves. By stopping oil from leaking into the alternator, it prevents damage and allows the alternator to function as it normally would.

However, this seal doesn’t just stop oil from leaking into the alternator, but rather the engine as a whole. Oil is meant to be a lubricant for the engine and is not meant to be leaking outside of where it is supposed to be. Therefore, the oil running through your car should only be lubricating the engine and clearing it of debris, not dripping onto the floor.

With the above information in mind, take your vehicle into the shop immediately after noticing that something has gone wrong with the alternator seal bracket in your vehicle. Not doing so can leave your car vulnerable to extra damage and may prevent some parts from working as they should.

Signs of a Broken Alternator Seal Bracket

Spotting the signs that indicated when this important seal is broken is one of the most important things for any vehicle owner to do. Fortunately, there are a number of signs you can keep an eye out for that will tell you exactly when this occurs. Should you notice these signs, waste no time in heading to a repair shop.

  • You See Oil: Naturally, the best way to identify an oil leak is to see it with your own eyes. Check under the hood of your car if you suspect your vehicle is leaking oil and see if your suspicions are confirmed by a pool of dark liquid sitting on the ground.
  • Your Engine Loses Oil: The oil levels in your vehicle are very specific and are the reason you need to get your oil changed every so often. If you notice that your engine is losing oil far faster than normal, consider the possibility that your engine has a leak in the alternator seal bracket or somewhere else under the hood.
  • Oil-Pressure Light Activates: Similar to the check engine light, some BMWs have an oil-pressure light that can alert drivers when something goes wrong with the oil under the hood. It’s best not to ignore this light when it turns on and to take your car in right away so that you don’t lose more oil.

Turning Wrenches For Your BMW Needs

At Turning Wrenches, your satisfaction is our BMW Alternator Bracket Seal Check guarantee. We have experienced technicians who are used to working on BMWs and can have you back out on the road in no time at all. We’ve seen a broken alternator bracket seal before and can promise to be the solution you’re looking for. We work with clients around Louisville, KY, and would love to have the opportunity to help solve any problem you present to us.

Please give us a call or come on down and visit us to see why we are the best in the business. We sincerely look forward to earning your trust and patronage.

Don’t Settle for a Broken Window Regulator in Your Audi

Don’t Settle for a Broken Window Regulator in Your Audi

In a car as reliable as Audi, any problem that occurs can be devastating. Rest assured, however, that most problems that arise with this brand are easily fixable and don’t typically turn into long-lasting issues. The most important thing to do is to fix these problems the minute they appear so that it does not become a more pressing and dangerous problem within the vehicle.

To that point, a broken window regulator is less of a serious problem than others. However, this can be a frustrating problem that could lead you to become jaded with the vehicle you once loved. Take your car into a trusted Audi repair shop, regardless of how small the problem is, whenever it needs professional service.

What does the window regulator do?

As you may have guessed by the name, the window regulator is the component that allows the window to move up and down on your vehicle. This is the part that made the crank window a thing of the past. It ties directly into the electrical system of your vehicle.

The electrical motor inside the door frame of your car is the piece that allows this regulator to move the window up and down. However, there are a few parts that make up this piece which could be prone to breaking. A gear assembly, cable, pulley, or regulator carriage could have a sudden issue that causes the window to no longer work. The gears within the window regulator spin whenever the window is moving, the cable or pulley move along the regulator carriage, and the carriage itself is attached to the window and moves it.

Should any of these parts break, the window regulator may not work. Unfortunately, while this is not a serious issue most of the time, it does take a professional to fix given the location of the regulator. The fact that it is attached to the window itself and within the doorframe makes it a tricky spot to get into for even the most seasoned professionals. This tight space is hard to work in, which means that you should never try to diagnose and fix a broken window regulator in your Audi by yourself.

Signs of a Broken Window Regulator

There are numerous signs and causes for a broken window regulator. As far as causes go, electrical issues could cause the motor to not function and the regulator to not move. Additionally, the regulator itself could have become detached from the window which would result in the window not being on a track. This would probably be noticeable by the window being tilted. As for the signs that your window regulator is broken:

Your Window Doesn’t Move

Obviously enough, the most obvious sign that your Audi’s window regulator isn’t working is if the window doesn’t want to move. If this happens, it could become a safety issue if you need to exit the vehicle post-collision and cannot get out of the door. Take your Audi to the shop so that the problem can be resolved.

Grinding Sounds When Closing or Opening the Window

If the problem with your window regulator has to do with the gears or pulley near the motor, you may hear a screeching or grinding noise whenever you try to move your window. Should you hear this, stop clicking your window button immediately, as you may cause further damage by trying to continue to move it.

Slow Moving Window

You know your vehicle best, and if your window suddenly seems quite slow to move, it is possible that the window regulator is having electrical problems. It is also best to not attempt to move your window up or down manually, as doing so may trigger a failure of the motor.

Turning Wrenches For Your Audi Needs

The window regulator on your Audi is an Audi Electrical Issue Check important component to the comfort and safety of all passengers, which is something we understand here at Turning Wrenches. Our combined experience working with clients in Louisville, KY means that we can solve this problem for you and get you back out on the road quickly. We will provide the highest quality customer service in the area. Please give us a call or come visit us today to see why we are the best in the business. Make an appointment with our experts today.

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