How to Properly Maintain The Differential in Your Mercedes

How to Properly Maintain The Differential in Your Mercedes

Your Mercedes is one of the most technologically-advanced automobiles on the road today. They are designed with sophistication and power in mind. One component of your Mercedes which is present on every vehicle is the differential. This important system is part of your front and rear axle. The differential allows your tires to rotate at different speeds. This is essential to making corners and turns.

When you turn a corner, the outside tires travel farther on the road than the inside tires. The differential is what allows your tires to spin at different speeds without damaging your axles.

Common Signs Your Differential is Failing

Even with routine maintenance, there are times when the differential will begin to fail. You should learn to recognize the signs when this happens so you can bring Mercedes to our qualified mechanics as soon as you suspect something is amiss.

Some of the most common signs the differential is failing includes:

  • There is a whining sign that seems to come from the transmission.
  • The car misses a gear.
  • Uneven wear on the tires.
  • Dirty gear oil or oil that is contaminated.
  • Rough handling when you try to make turns.
  • There is vibration in the car when you accelerate.
  • The gears seem to grind or hum.
  • The differential fluid starts to leak.

How to Avoid Differential Failure

Keep up with routine maintenance as much as possible. Our qualified technicians are happy to perform this maintenance and will check every component of the vehicle to see if it is wearing out or needs replaced.

Use the right kind of oil. Mercedes cars need high-quality synthetic gear oil to do their job properly so consider investing in this.

Perform gear oil changes often. It is easy to forget to replace the oil when it goes bad but it can negatively impact all parts of the car. You need to do the first gear servicing around 3,000 miles and then monitor it to see when it needs to be done again.

Although it may be fun to do in a powerful Mercedes, you should not do any kind of burnout or allow the wheels to spin. This will cause the differential to wear out much faster than intended.

Always perform inspections of the differential components. This can help the car owner avoid a lot of different issues like water damage, bad gear oil, and more.

When you follow these tips, you increase your chances of preventing any kind of damage or failure in the differential. Proper care and maintenance of the differential, and any other part of the vehicle, will ensure that it lasts longer and will not be as expensive to repair if things break down entirely. With the help of these scheduled inspections and a good mechanic, you will be able to take care of your Mercedes and prevent the differential from failing.

Turning Wrenches for your Mercedes

We are Louisville’s leading European car experts, servicing all Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Differential Repair MINI models. We stand by our motto: By focusing on these brands, our mechanics are able to offer dealership-quality services faster and more affordable!

We have a convenient towing service, after-hours drop off, and free wi-fi in our waiting area. At Turning Wrenches, we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor. We specialize in oil changes, tire and wheel services, CV and drive axle repairs, suspension service, wheel alignment, belt and hose checks and replacement, exhaust system services, brake services, wheel balancing, and emissions testing.

We consider ourselves to be the most comprehensive auto service center and dealership alternative in the Louisville area. Affordable pricing and quick turnaround times are our goal. We will always provide honest answers and friendly service.

At Turning Wrenches in Louisville, KY, we are happy to provide your Mercedes with the very best care for your vehicle, no matter what problem you bring to our garage. Our team of qualified mechanics are happy to help with routine maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the road. Contact us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon and earning your repeat business.

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Expert Help in Louisville for Trouble Starting Your MINI

Expert Help in Louisville for Trouble Starting Your MINI

Your MINI is a sporty and fun vehicle, designed to be reliable and with some of the best engineering on the road today. When the starter does not work, it can be frustrating to the car owner. To help avoid this issue and other problems with your car, it is important for all car owners to stick with a routine maintenance schedule. MINI owners should also recognize some of the possible causes of their model failing to start so they can take the proper steps to prevent these issues from happening.

The Fuel Tank is Empty

This is a simple solution to why your MINI may not start. If the tank is empty, there is no fuel to ignite in the engine. It can be hard to impossible for your engine to run on just fumes. If this happened because the fuel gauge is malfunctioning, then it is important to talk to a mechanic right away to get the gauge replaced. Damage can occur if you constantly run it with low fuel, including clogged filters and more.

The Battery Died

Sometimes your MINI will not start because the battery dies. Batteries will charge while you keep the car actively engaged during driving. Then the alternator will generate power that will keep the battery charged, even when you keep the car parked at night.

If the alternator stops doing its job, it is impossible for the battery to hold a charge and work. Eventually, the battery will drain and stop holding a charge, making the car unusable. If you are worried about your battery not working properly, take your MINI to a licensed mechanic to see whether the alternator is the problem or if you need a new battery altogether.

A Failing Starter

When a car owner tries to start their car and they hear a grinding noise or clicking sound, then the issue may be the starter. When the starter fails or breaks, it is something a mechanic can fix, but it may be expensive. Failing starters on a MINI are common, so the car owner must consider routine maintenance to make sure the starter is checked out routinely to avoid issues with this part.

A Failing Ignition

One reason that your car is not working is that the ignition switch has failed. This is often accompanied by power loss and stalling. The car then will stall while you are driving or when you want to get it to start. These are big red flags that something is wrong with your MINI and you need to bring it in for an inspection and diagnostic testing. If you have ignored some of the other signs leading up to the car not starting and have not taken your MINI to a qualified mechanic, you could be left stranded if the ignition module fails completely. Don’t wait. Call Turning Wrenches today to speak to a technician.

Fixing Problems with Your MINI Cooper

As soon as you notice there are issues with your MINI starting, it is important to take it in for an inspection with a licensed mechanic. This will make it easier to MINI Battery Check find the problem and get it fixed before it turns into something much bigger. The sooner you get the repairs done, the safer it is for the whole vehicle and your peace of mind.

MIN owners should also consider routine maintenance on their model as well. This will ensure that any potential problems are found before they cause your car’s condition to deteriorate. Your owner’s manual should give recommendations on when to get each component on the vehicle replaced or repaired to make this easier. You can also talk with your mechanic to set up a good repair and maintenance schedule to keep your MINI working well.

When your MINI fails to start, it is important you bring it to our professional mechanics to have it checked out. At Turning Wrenches in Louisville, KY, we are here to repair your car and get you back on the road with confidence in your MINI. Contact us today to get your appointment scheduled. We look forward to earning your repeat business for service and maintenance.

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