Is It Safe to Drive a Mini With a Failing Clutch?

Is It Safe to Drive a Mini With a Failing Clutch?

The most common problem with Minis is a failing clutch. The clutch is an important part of the transmission, and without a properly functioning clutch, movement will be halted at worst. The problem of a failing clutch may sneak up on you, and it may cause you to wonder if it is safe to still drive the Mini. We are here to answer that, but first, let’s see what a failing clutch is and how it can be detected.

What happens when a clutch fails?

A clutch is a device responsible for connecting your Mini’s engine to the wheels to propel it forward through shifting gears. A failing clutch is common in Minis with a manual transmission. A clutch failure can be said to occur when the clutch is engaging or disengaging without power being delivered to the wheel. This will prevent the car from moving.

Dangers While Driving with a Failing Clutch

Clutch failure may begin as a small fault, but if not taken care of quickly, it can deteriorate into bigger problems. Clutch failure is a threat to other road users, and this can increase the risk of road accidents. A faulty clutch should never be seen as a minor problem, as a failing clutch will lead to absolute damage to the clutch. So, it is not advisable to drive a mini with a failing clutch.

Signs that Your Mini Has a Failing Clutch

A failing clutch could either be in need of repair or replacement. Whatever the case, it is important that once a fault is detected with the Mini, solutions should be sought. Here are some signs that indicate that you may just be having a clutch failure:

  • Your clutch pedal is sloppy. You can tell this by simply stepping on your clutch and feeling it smash down to the bottom of the floorboard or wiggle.
  • When it becomes impossible to change gears without pushing the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. When you are unable to shift your Mini into gear.
  • If there is a noise coming from the Mini when the car is in neutral with the clutch pedal released.
  • When the mini doesn’t move at all when the clutch is released.
  • It takes forever to move when the clutch is released.

Causes of Clutch Failure

Aside from wear and tear, there are other reasons responsible for clutch failure in a Mini. Some of which are:

  • Broken clutch cable: Clutch cables are required for clutch engagement. If this cable is broken or stretched, then the clutch won’t work properly as the cable is responsible for pulling the linkage that disengages the clutch that permits the changing of gear.
  • Worn out bearing: Once the bearing is unable to provide the amount of force needed to reach the pressure plate, this will affect the clutch adversely.
  • Damaged pressure plate: Pressure plates tend to wear out after a while and become unable to exert sufficient pressure to hold the clutch disc against the flywheel.

Keeping Your Clutch in Good Condition

It is true that the clutch of your Mini can wear out due to usage, but you can contribute to it lasting longer by how you treat it. Much pressure on the clutch will lead to an early failure. When driving your Mini, put less stress on your clutch.

In situations where you have to wait a few seconds, perhaps in traffic, don’t use your clutch to keep your mini in the stop position. Instead, engage in the brake. This will go a long way toward preserving the lifespan of your Mini’s clutch.

Why is it important to get the right person to fix the failing clutch?

You may have gone for a clutch replacement and are still experiencing problems with your clutch. This can only mean that it was not properly handled. A clutch problem is a sensitive one as it is pivotal to the overall functionality of your mini. It determines your driving experience. No one likes being stopped halfway into a trip and being embarrassed by a faulty car. Even worse, no one wants to be responsible for an accident on the road. These are reasons why an expert should be sought to handle your failing clutch problem.

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