Our team of knowledgeable auto mechanics at Turning Wrenches in Louisville are the trusted source for accurate and thorough auto repair services. It’s our mission to provide stellar auto repair, impeccable customer service, and take those extra steps to keep our clients abreast of things that could harm their vehicle.

For example, acid rain can cause significant damage to the paint on your car. Anything water based that falls from the sky is considered acid rain, which could include rain, dew, and snow. These elements could cause issues when it comes to your automobile’s exterior because the acidity of the water could cause the paint (and even the metal) to weaken over time. However, there are some ways to prevent this damage.

Our team at Turning Wrenches in Louisville suggests that you wash your vehicle frequently to prevent damage caused by acid rain. A professional car wash not only keeps a car protected and clean but also helps to avoid damage acid rain can create. Washing a vehicle regularly lessens the amount of acidic material left on the car, and when the car is clean, there will be nothing left to cause more damage. Also, hand drying the vehicle or completely covering the automobile when precipitation occurs can prevent problems caused by acid rain.

Our team at Turning Wrenches indeed has the best interest of our customers at heart. We want you to be driving a vehicle free and clear of damage caused by acid rain. We have customers who stay with us year after year because of our genuine commitment to educating clients, performing quality auto repairs, and offering above and beyond customer service. Our auto technicians are ready, willing, able to provide you an auto repair experience that will be unmatched by our competitors.

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