Warning Symptoms of an Exhaust Flex Pipe Leakage in a Sprinter

Warning Symptoms of an Exhaust Flex Pipe Leakage in a Sprinter

Your Sprinter’s exhaust pipe is a flexible tube that carries combustion products, including waste gases away from your Sprinter’s motor. When fully functional, it helps to reduce pollution and smoke emitted from your engine.

The Sprinter’s exhaust pipe also enables your vehicle to operate with less noise. In general, the exhaust pipe is essential to your Sprinter’s efficient and clean operation.

So, you may want to know what happens when your Sprinter suffers an exhaust flex pipe leakage? Driving with a leaking exhaust pipe is very bad, not just for your vehicle but for the environment. Below are the most obvious symptoms that may let you know that you have an exhaust pipe leakage.

Excessive noise from the engine

If you have a leakage in your Sprinter’s exhaust pipe, this may be among the first signs you may notice. A malfunctioning exhaust manifold gasket may cause an exhaust flex pipe leakage in your Sprinter. The exhaust leak may give a tapping or hissing sound. When you accelerate or start your Sprinter, you may hear this loud hissing sound.

Low fuel efficiency

Your Sprinter’s fuel efficiency may reduce with the acceleration and power reduction. What this means is that you may have to consume more fuel for your Sprinter to function optimally. When you compare the cost of buying gas constantly to fixing your exhaust flex pipe leakage, the latter would be the obvious choice.

Burning smell

A burning smell from your Sprinter’s engine bay is another sign of a leaking exhaust flex pipe. If your Sprinter’s gasket fails and causes leakage underneath the vehicle’s hood or close to the vehicle’s engine wiring, these parts may burn as a result of heat from your Sprinter’s exhaust gases.

You may perceive a burning smell similar to a burning engine. You may notice the emission of smoke from the exhaust pipe. It is critical to get your Sprinter checked to avoid exposure to any form of risk or danger.

Decreased acceleration and power

Your Sprinter’s performance may be affected if you have an exhaust flex pipe leakage. It may be difficult to accelerate quickly. Your Sprinter may also not provide the required power when you accelerate. Reduced acceleration and power issues in your Sprinter may worsen if you fail to get your vehicle exhaust pipe checked.

Gas smell

Another way you may tell that you have an exhaust pipe leakage in your Sprinter is if you perceive the smell of gas inside your vehicle as you drive. Your exhaust pipe, when damaged, can cause gasoline fumes to escape. When you perceive a gas smell in your Sprinter, getting your vehicle checked immediately is wise.

Your exhaust pipe is hanging or dragging as you drive

When your Sprinter’s exhaust pipe is broken, even without causing a leak, it may hang under your vehicle, and in time you may find it dragging on the road. A dragging or hanging exhaust pipe that isn’t leaking may start to leak with time as the pipe makes contact with the ground. It may pose a danger to you or other drivers if the exhaust pipe should fall off while driving or cause sparks while the metal grinds against the roadway.

Turning Wrenches: Your Ultimate Solution for an Exhaust Flex Pipe Leak

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of exhaust flex pipe leakage in your Sprinter, you shouldn’t wait for the problem to worsen Sprinter Exhaust Flex Pipe Leakage Check before visiting our trusted and reliable automobile repair company. At Turning Wrenches, located in Louisville, KY, we can help fix the issue and ensure your Sprinter’s is running optimally so you can depend upon it each day for your needs.

We carry a variety of vehicle repair services on brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Sprinter, and BMW. Our shop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment available to handle everything your car needs, including AC repairs, batteries, brakes, wheel alignment, suspension replacement, transmission repair, oil changes, emission testing, engine repairs, and more.

We have a team of highly experienced automotive technicians who offer the best maintenance and repair services. Contact us today to give your Sprinter the upkeep and maintenance it deserves!

The Best Way to Resolve Rust Issues in Your Sprinter in Louisville

The Best Way to Resolve Rust Issues in Your Sprinter in Louisville

Dealing with rust in your Sprinter is an annoying task, but incredibly important to ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. Rust can lead to a large number of issues, some of which are costly and time-consuming to handle. Acknowledging the presence of rust in your vehicle, identifying a cause, and then getting it removed by a professional is the best course of action to ensure your vehicle runs as it should.

To that point, it’s beneficial to look at what causes rust to develop in a Sprinter, the problems it can cause, and finally how to get it fixed. Always rely on a professional to remove rust from the components of your vehicle, as attempting to do it yourself with chemicals or manually can lead to unforeseen hazards.

Common Causes of Rust

There are numerous reasons rust may develop within your vehicle, so keep an eye out for some of the worst culprits. Regardless of the exact reason, rust can damage a vehicle and cause long-lasting issues. If you notice your vehicle is subjected to any of these common reasons, attempt to neutralize the exposure.

Repeated Rain Exposure

Rust is a result of metal that contains traces of iron being exposed to moisture. This atomic reaction can result in the oxidation and the formation of rust. If you live in a rainy area, your vehicle will be prone to rust quicker. Additionally, parking your car outside in the rain may leave it susceptible to rust in the long run.


Salt is an often unknown cause of rust on vehicles. Whether the salt is used to remove ice and snow from vehicles during cold weather months or you live near salty beach breezes, exposing your vehicle’s body to salt can make the metal prone to rusting. As the salt finds its way into tiny corners of your Sprinter, it may accumulate and cause rusting itself.

A Lack of Maintenance

Overall, one of the largest causes of rust developing on a vehicle is a lack of maintenance by the owner. Keeping your car clean and properly serviced are the best ways to avoid rust on your vehicle. Parking your Sprinter in a garage or covered area are great ways to avoid rust problems.

Drawbacks of Rust in a Car

Now that some of the common causes for rusting on your vehicle are known, it’s important to look at why exactly you should take your car in to a professional for rust removal. To begin with, if there is rust around the frame of your vehicle, it poses a serious danger to you or other passengers if it snaps off and leaves a jagged edge.

Additionally, rusted metal is significantly weaker than pure metal and won’t protect you or the passengers of your vehicle as well in the event of a crash. Parts can also stop working if they become too rusted. For certain parts, such as the radiator or oil cap, this can make top-offs difficult to perform for mechanics.

Last, rust on a vehicle can be perceived as tacky and all-around ugly. There is no reason to not get the rust fixed on your Sprinter, even if it was there when you bought your car. To that end, Turning Wrenches is a great source to turn to for rust removal and maintenance on your vehicle.

How Turning Wrenches Can Help

At Turning Wrenches, we understand how annoying and dangerous rust can be on your vehicle. We have Sprinter Rust Removalyears of experience helping clients in the Louisville, KY area. We will easily repair the rust on your Sprinter and have it back to its original design.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we can promise that you will receive the highest quality customer service in the community. Give us a call or come in to schedule an appointment today and see why we are the best name in the auto business. Don’t settle for driving daily with a rusted vehicle. Regardless of the cause, we can fix it. We look forward to earning your trust and patronage for all your future Sprinter maintenance, repair, and parts replacement needs. Make an appointment today.

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