Turning Wrenches is the go-to choice for Mercedes-Benz service and repair in Louisville. Our highly trained auto mechanics have been performing thorough and accurate auto repair services on these cars for years, so we like to consider ourselves experts! Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. However, the history of this automobile has some interesting facts that you might not be aware of. Here are a few three things that might surprise you:

  1. The First Person to Own a Driving License: The founder of Mercedes-Benz and inventor of the car, Karl Benz, was the first individual to be given a driver’s license. In 1888, the citizens of Mannheim, Germany were complaining about the load deafening sounds and smell produced by Motorwagen. Karl Benz received written permission from the Grand Ducal Authority to operate his vehicle on public roads.
  2. An Automobile that Resembles a Fish: The yellow boxfish, a fish that lives in coral reefs and is a native of the Indo-Pacific region was the inspiration for the exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz Bionic. The shape creates an excellent aerodynamic efficiency, so Mercedes-Benz was able to recreate the vehicle.
  3. Cars that Smell Better: Mercedes-Benz has an “active perfuming system” on the S-Class which releases four different fragrances created by Marc Von Ende. Car drivers can pick between four scents that were designed to complement the leather smell: Sports Mood (floral and outdoors), Downtown Mood (floral and musk), Freeside Mood (citrus), and Nightlife Mood (leather and wood).

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