Modern vehicles are a complex system of combustion and moving parts. In order for the combustion process to get started at all, though, the spark plugs need to fire to ignite the fuel and air in the cylinders. The ignition module is responsible for firing the spark plugs, and its failure could keep your MINI on the sidelines instead of the open road.

This article is going to cover a few different ways to spot a bad ignition module in your MINI, as well as the best place to get it fixed in Louisville.

Performance Issues

One of the most glaring symptoms of a bad ignition module is poor engine performance in your MINI. Poor performance may come as weak acceleration or unusually low gas mileage. Many drivers may not notice that their car is guzzling gas, which will then hurt their wallet, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the dashboard to monitor your vehicle’s fuel economy.

These performance issues are caused by the bad timing of the spark plugs firing, which often comes as a result of an ignition control module that has gone bad.

The Check Engine Light

The engine control module monitors the ignition system, including the ignition module. When it detects a problem, it will warn you by illuminating a light on your dashboard. While a check engine light may be illuminated for any number of reasons, if you notice any other symptoms in addition to the light, there’s a chance that the ignition module is to blame.

Your MINI Is Running Rough

Because the ignition module is responsible for directing the spark plugs, when it fails, combustion in the cylinders will not be as efficient nor as effective as it could be. You may notice that your MINI feels rough or jerky as you drive.


Your car stalling is never something you want to happen, but a bad ignition module may cause just that. Ignition module issues can cause the car to stall and not be able to start after. Sometimes the car can be restarted after giving the engine a while to cool off.

No-Start Condition

Because the ignition module is responsible for helping deliver the spark, its failure could result in a no-start for your car. The engine needs the spark from the spark plugs to run, so even if the car does crank, it will not be able to continue running. Continuing to try to start the car will just end up draining your battery.


Your MINI’s temperature is something you should always keep an eye on, as an overheated engine can cause costly damage. A faulty ignition module can cause large fluctuations in temperature, between an overheated and cold engine.

How to Fix Ignition Module Issues

You will want to make sure that the ignition module is actually causing the problems with your MINI before going headfirst into repair work. If you’ve determined that the module is the issue, the first step is to locate it in your engine. Your owner’s manual will be able to help you locate and identify the ignition module in your model.

Broken ignition modules must be replaced. This is tricky to do in MINIs cramped engine space without the proper equipment, so a trusted auto technician is usually your best option for a reliable replacement. The good news is that new ignition modules are relatively inexpensive.

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