The electrical system in your Audi can fail for a number of reasons. Whether it is the battery or blown fuses inside the vehicle, it is important to get the problem looked into as soon as possible. This can help you maintain your Audi and keep it running on the road for much longer than before.

If you notice that the lights are flickering and the radio isn’t working properly, you should still visit a reputable auto repair shop promptly. They can take a look at the issue and get it fixed before a major issue happens in the vehicle and you’re left without working light, dashboard, windows, and door locks.

At Turning Wrenches, we are happy to inspect your Audi and determine what is causing your electrical system to fluctuate. There are many components that connect to the electrical system in most modern cars, so it is important to fix the problem so you can keep driving comfortably.

Reasons Your Audi Loses Electrical Power

Your electrical system is an important part of your Audi and when it starts to malfunction, it is a sign of a major problem with one of the systems in your vehicle. It is important to work with a licensed mechanic to diagnose the exact reason in order to properly repair the system so your Audi is safe to drive again.

Below are some of most common reasons that your Audi’s electrical system fails:

  • The alternator: This component is responsible for providing power while your engine is on. If it stops working, you could notice the lights are dim. The engine may also stop completely. This may need a tow to a reputable Audi service center.
  • The battery: The battery is responsible for providing power that is necessary to start the vehicle. It will also give power to different accessories in the car when you turn the engine off. You will notice a problem when the vehicle is not starting at all or it cranks Get the battery fixed quickly, as driving with a battery that is almost dead can end up harming the alternator.
  • Fuses and any fusible links: These are there to provide a nice failsafe in case something in the vehicle draws out too much of a current. When they are not working, it is possible the engine will not start at all or you may lose all electrical power while you are driving.
  • Ignition coil: This small component is responsible for providing power over to the spark plugs. It can also increase the voltage of power that is provided to the spark plugs. If it is not working, the engine may not start or could potentially die while driving. You may still get some electrical power, so the radio and lights may still function.
  • The starter and starter parts: This is the system that is responsible for physically rotating the internal engine components until internal combustion in the car takes over. This mechanical failure will affect the engine as well.

Since so many of these parts will affect how the engine will work, it is sometimes hard to figure out which one is not working as designed. This is why car owners need to work with a reputable auto repair shop when the electricity fails in their Audi.

Do not try to handle this work on your own, because this can cause more damage to the vehicle, including the engine, and will result in a higher mechanical bill later on. Electrical systems are tricky and dangerous.

Turning Wrenches For Your Audi

When your electrical system malfunctions in Audi Ignition Coil Check your Audi, it is important to find the right auto repair shop to get the problem diagnosed and repaired. At Turning Wrenches in Louisville, KY, we are eager to help.

Our team of qualified mechanics will help you with any problem in your Audi, getting the work done quickly so you can get back to your life without the costly mechanic bills. When something goes wrong with your electrical system, make sure to contact us today for a convenient appointment. We look forward to earning your repeat business for your future Audi maintenance and service needs.

* Audi Car image credit goes to: tomeng.

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