BMW’s are synonymous with a smooth driving experience. In order to maintain that you want to be sure to keep your vehicle in top working order. Your BMW 3 series service schedule is a great starting point to regular maintenance.

If your suspension and steering systems are off, then the driving experience you have come to expect from your BMW will be negatively impacted. Maintaining all the component parts of your vehicle will keep your car operating as beautifully as it did the day you bought it.

Ball Joint Failures

The ball joint is an important part of your suspension system, if it fails it can cause big problems. You want to be on the lookout for a few common symptoms of ball joint failure and bring your car in for service as soon as you notice them. As with most car issues, the longer you leave them unchecked, the more you risk spending on a repair.

  • Strange Noises: If the ball joint is worn out and comes loose in its socket, it can begin to rattle around and cause a strange clunking noise to come from the front end of your car. It will be more noticeable if you are driving on uneven ground, like bumpy roads or over speed bumps. The louder it gets the worse the problem generally is. If you leave it for too long then the ball joint could completely break.
  • Vibrations: Similar to the last sign, a loose ball joint might make your car vibrate while driving. It can sometimes be felt in the steering wheel.
  • Steering Wheel Pulling: Speaking of steering, ball joint issues can impact your wheel’s ability to stay straight. You might notice that your steering wheel is drifting to either side.

Common Causes Of Ball Joint Failure

Like any car issue, ball joint failures are usually due to normal wear and tear. Your vehicle was made to be used and is durable enough for that. But, you need to have it regularly serviced in order to maintain the level of performance that BMW’s are famous for. Ball joints are a very small part that can cause you very big problems.

Normal wear and tear is the number one cause of ball joint failure. The loss of grease around the ball joint can prevent it from rotating properly and maintaining function. If the grease dries out or gets mixed with dirt, the steel ball joint can deteriorate faster than normal. A broken or cracked seal can cause oil to leak, or dirt to get into your car. If that dirt and oil mix with the grease covering your ball joint then the part can fail.

The Best Shop to Get Your BMW 3 Series Serviced

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Your BMW 3 series is a work of art and an incredible driving machine, you should not trust its care to just any mechanic. Our trained mechanics will work with every client to come up with a service plan together that best benefits you and your car goals.

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