Wheel alignment is the process of modifying the three angles of the tires through the wheel hub. This influences how they make a connection with the highway. This enables the car to move smoothly and safely on the highway. Experts have suggested that tire and wheel alignment should be done every 6 months or when a tire change is made. However, the conditions may change depending on the characteristics of the roadways or the type of tire used. The way a car is driven is also a major factor to be assessed.

Misaligned wheels can be angled inward, outward, or slightly in different directions. All of these cause your engine to work harder to propel your car forward. We’ve all experienced a grocery cart with a wheel that doesn’t roll straight forward with the others. That is a similar situation, although exaggerated, to wheel misalignment in your BMW.

Causes of Wheel Misalignment

Several things can cause a BMW wheel to be out of alignment. It may be due to the immediate influence that results when a BMW hits something. It can occur when it encounters potholes and manholes that can seriously damage a car’s wheel alignment, making balancing difficult and dramatically impairing your vehicle’s fuel retention and making driving unsafe.

Small fender benders and slamming into a curb can also cause your car to be out of alignment, and because there is little noticeable damage, drivers may tend to ignore them, thereby leading to serious damage.

Warning Signs of Misaligned Wheels

If you suspect that your BMW may need a wheel alignment, here are a few signs and symptoms to look for and what to do:

  • When your car pulls to either side: To detect if you have an alignment issue, you will have to take your BMW to a horizontal parking space or drive towards the center of an empty road and pay very close attention to how your steering reacts.
  • Vibration of the steering wheel: Another prominent sign indicating your BMW could be out of alignment is when you encounter steering wheel vibration at increased speeds. This means that your wheels may be out of alignment. This can result in the wear of the tires and can also result in a flat or tire being blown out if not speedily dealt with.
  • Unequal Tire Wear: This can be seen when your tire-wear patterns are off-centered or one tire is more worn than the others. Your tire tears may occur as a result of a lack of smooth rotation. A tire that is out of alignment will cause other wear patterns to occur, such as unnecessary wear on the inner edge and/or the outer edges of the tire.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

Safety while driving

It is very dangerous to drive a BMW whose wheels are out of alignment. Such a car is likely to cause accidents and can also lead to the loss of life and other valuables. Ensure that your wheels are always in alignment to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

It extends the useful life of tires

When you realize that your wheel is out of alignment, it is not advised to continue driving this way, because it has a high tendency to cause your tires to wear unevenly. As tires wear, their life expectancy shrinks, their longevity is reduced, and they have to be replaced sooner.

A BMW that is out of alignment will have to put more stress on its suspension and steering systems, resulting in uneven wear of parts. In order to avoid costly repair services, one needs to have its alignment checked as part of their day-to-day maintenance routine.

Provides smoother traction with less rolling resistance

Wheels that are out of alignment will make your BMW pull to the left or right, which makes it difficult to control. If you have your steering wheel pointed straight ahead but your car is drifting to the right or left, it indicates your alignment may be off. This will make you constantly adjust to compensate. It makes for a rougher overall ride and it will use more fuel to propel your car forward.

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