We understand that it’s a bit of a task trying to figure out how to fix your engine light issues. This article is here to help you solve that. The check engine light is usually a yellow or orange outline of an engine displaying either “check” or “service Engine.”

When you turn on the engine, it should come on for a few seconds and go off after the routine check of the engine components have been completed. If it remains on, then there is a problem.

If your check engine light flashes or blinks instead of staying on, it means you have a major problem that must be addressed right away. It is a dreaded warning for many drivers and an indication that the onboard diagnostics system has identified a failure in the vehicle’s emissions, ignition, fuel, or exhaust systems.

Common Causes of the Check Engine Light

  • Failing Spark Plug: The spark plugs supply the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture, needed to power the engine. Over time, spark plugs wear out or fail. When it fails, it causes the mechanical system to malfunction creating engine difficulties. Consequently, the check engine light illuminates to notify the driver of the development. This is a more significant problem, and you should contact our professionals as soon as possible to schedule service.
  • Loose Gas Tank Cap: When your gas tank cap is not fastened correctly, it can trigger the check engine light. This is one of the most specific causes of a check engine light.
  • Faulty Catalytic Converter: The work of the catalytic converter is to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Once the catalytic converter is broken, it can’t perform its function. This hitch can cause the check engine light to come on.
  • Oxygen Sensor Problems: The engine’s oxygen sensor regulates the mixture of gasoline and air produced by your Audi’s engine. When this sensor fails to do this, your car might start burning up fuel more quickly than usual.

How to Deal with a Faulty Check Engine Light

When you have your check engine light illuminated on your vehicle dashboard, it is vital that you have it checked by a certified Audi mechanic:

  • When your check engine light comes up, try tightening your gas cap: This can be helpful if your warning light is on because gasoline vapors are escaping from a loose gas cap. We recommend trying this first, as it’s an easy fix if its the cause of the warning.
  • Reduce speed and load: Decrease your speed and try to reduce the demands on the engine if the check engine light is blinking or if you detect any significant performance difficulties, such as a lack of power. Limiting long-distance traveling, for example. Your Audi should be evaluated as soon as possible to reduce the chances of further costly damage.
  • Use built-in diagnostic services: Most recent Audi models include built-in remote diagnostics to report on fault codes and make a service appointment. This inbuilt feature is recommendable as many automakers now offer remote diagnostics and the option to arrange a service appointment.
  • Bring your car to our mechanics: Our mechanics are educated and certified in fixing and maintaining cars. So, entrusting your vehicle into the hands of our professionals means getting the best care you need. We are prepared with tools and technology to inspect, diagnose, and make the necessary repairs to fix the issue.

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