Of the many problems that can occur under the hood of a car, problems with the engine itself should be feared the most, especially on vehicles as reliable as BMW. The engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle. Any problem with the engine can potentially lead to engine failure or problems with other systems in your BMW.

Regardless of the cause, a sputtering engine is indicative of a serious problem within your vehicle’s engine. Any sputtering, even small sputters, should be looked at as a serious matter and should be a reason to take your car to be fixed without hesitation. Don’t allow the problem to spread to other areas of the car.

Causes of a Sputtering Engine

When it comes to the causes of a sputtering engine, the possibilities are potentially limitless but all serious. Fortunately, these can be identified fairly easily by any mechanic shop.

Fuel System

There are three major components that go into producing the optimal fuel reaction within the combustion bay: the filter, pump, and injectors. The filter ensures property flow of fuel and cleans the fuel, the pump moves fuel within the system, and the injectors spray specific amounts of fuel to the cylinder when needed. If any of these parts go bad, they may compromise the other parts and lead to improper fuel ratios. This could be a potential cause of engine sputtering.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs on your vehicle are incredibly important and can become worn out over time. The spark plugs “spark” the air and fuel mixture within the engine. This drives the miniature explosion that sends the piston flying back down. If your spark plugs have become worn out, this reaction may not occur when it should or even at all. This would also lead your engine to sputter.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is responsible for turning carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide in the vehicle. As more pollutants stay within the engine, they can negatively affect performance and the air within the combustion chamber. This reduced performance may take the form of a sputtering engine by not providing the engine with the proper clean air to fuel ratio that it needs.

Effects of a Sputtering Engine

A sputtering engine may not seem like a worrisome issue, but the effects of this problem are far-reaching and have harsher implications for the rest of the vehicle. Below are just a few of the negative effects that can arise from a sputtering engine.

Dirtier Fuel Injectors

As mentioned, the entire fuel system could be the cause of the engine sputtering within your BMW. When the fuel filter becomes dirty over time and is left unchecked by a continuously sputtering engine, the fuel injectors themselves may become dirtier. This leads to contaminated fuel entering the combustion chamber, resulting in more problems.

Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor

Another effect of a sputtering engine is a dirty mass airflow sensor. This component is what measures the amount of fuel and air in the vehicle. A sputtering engine can result in a dirtier sensor that fails to do its job properly, worsening the problem.

Exhaust System Leaks

As referenced, the catalytic converter may be the cause of a sputtering engine by letting harmful pollutants into the engine bay. It should be obvious to you when exhaust system leaks occur, as the sulfer smell may be extreme and smell rotten.

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