With winter approaching in Louisville, salt crews have been prepping the roads for the inclement weather. However, salt can cause damage to the car, and the auto mechanics at Turning Wrenches can assist with the auto repair if the salt damages your vehicle. Sometimes the problem areas might not be visible, and our team of talented technicians would be happy to make sure that your car is functioning properly.

While road salt is crucial to make winter driving safer, it’s also corrosive and can cause significant car problems over the long haul. The rotting can harm the vehicle’s frame, coil springs, and muffler systems. Salt can cause brake lines and fuel lines to freeze which could cause danger. Because of the way an automobile is built, the majority of salt damage happens underneath the car, making it difficult to detect. The team of auto technicians at Turning Wrenches highly recommend that you allow professionals to inspect those hard to reach and see areas, so you and your passengers feel more secure on the winter roads.

When you visit Turning Wrenches for auto repair related to salt damage, our team will take the time to perform accurate service and educate you about ways to prevent further damage. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. We even perform a full digital inspection that’s called “Safety and Reliability Inspection.” Our technicians will send pictures of the parts that are malfunctioning because our team wants to keep the lines of communication open with our valued clients. Our customers mean the world to us, so we take those extra steps that convince new customers to become long-term clients.

When salt on the roads causes damage to your car, we have you covered! If you’d like our highly trained auto mechanics to assist and provide thorough and top-notch auto repair, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

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